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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wedding Reception Tip #1

When setting up your reception area, set up the cake table first.  You don't want your cake waiting in a car, being handled by anyone but a pro, and never want to have to move it once it is in place.

Wishing you the Greatest of Days!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Where Weddings are Happening!

Did you know that 53% of weddings do not take place in a church?  It's important to know of all the venues that are available to you.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Janis Flagg - Kent: Bridal 4-1-1 Workshops, Help Brides Plan without Stress! - Biznik

Janis Flagg - Kent: Bridal 4-1-1 Workshops, Help Brides Plan without Stress! - Biznik

Quality vendors have been gathered to help brides through a one-month series of weekly workshops in the Puget Sound region. These vendors are very experienced and friendly. The workshops are extremely affordable, rare and will help decrease a bride's stress level tremendously and well and let her know how she can save money! Classes start on October 5th. So act soon! Only $15.00 a class. This is a very good wedding gift to give.

Register or inquire at

Knowledge is power!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Surprises to Crafting a Wedding Ceremony

My husband I both officiate for non-denominational weddings.  It is a true joy to be able craft a ceremony that has special meaning that comes from the depths of a couple's hearts filled with love.  It can reflect their personalities, idiosyncrasies, special moments in their courtship, their hope of building a beautiful future together and so much more.

One thing I can say is that, almost without fail is that when we first ask questions at the initial consultation, they will say something along the lines of "I guess we never thought of that!"  It can pertain to whether or not they want to repeat the vows to each other or just want to say "I do".  Sometimes it's when we bring up what the issue of what they would like us to wear.  We explain that we don't want to clash in the pictures, or appear overdressed or underdressed for the type of wedding they wish to have regardless of whether it is a themed wedding or not.

Here is the big surprise!  The one thing that seems to get the longest pause is when we ask them how they would like to be introduced after they are pronounced husband and wife. They usually look at each other with a puzzled or awkward glance.  Perhaps this is when reality hits them and the bride seems to feel like she has to make a final decision on whether she is keeping her name or not.  We will generally list a few options for introducing them as husband and wife to all of the guests at their wedding.

Just a few examples that might be added after stating, "It is my pleasure to introduce to you for the first time as husband and wife...

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith
Michael and Michelle Smith
Michael and Michelle
Michael Smith and Michelle Jones
Michael Smith and Michelle Jones-Smith

The best part is seeing the looks on their faces as I pronounce them as husband and wife.  It's that once in a lifetime moment that gets me every time!  What an honor and privilege it is to be able share this moment.  It brings a smile to my face every time, but then again, I'm smiling all the way to the wedding just thinking about the couple and being so happy for them!  No kidding!

Yes, I must say, I love officiating weddings!  I do, I do!

Wishing you the Greatest of Days!

Monday, September 6, 2010

10 Questions for the DIY Bride

If you want to plan your wedding yourself, you can save yourself a lot of headache and stress by attending workshops that are put on by vendors.  I would equate it to the saying "an ounce of prevention is work a pound of cure".  You can never have too much information just as you can never be too prepared for any project that is going to require a lot of people, time and money!

What!?  A wedding being compared to project management?  Yes!  It's all in the details, and the unexpected, contingency plans and so forth!  People will tell you how to plan until they are blue in the face, but if it isn't working for you, then step back take a deep breath and allow yourself to devise a plan that is geared more to your style.

Ask yourself these questions:

1.  Am I a checklist kind of person?
2.  Am I a person who prefers to have everything categorized by color?
3.  Am I a person who has to have a committee for everything? (Your strength comes from being surrounded by people and their ideas).
4.  Am I person who can get a lot more done if I can just go someplace to concentrate where it is quiet?
5.  Am I planning my wedding to please everyone else, and is that causing more stress?
6.  Do I thrive in a high energy environment?
7.  Do I find it easier to learn by seeing things, hearing things, touching things, feeling things or even smelling things?
8.  Am I running like crazy but feeling like I'm getting nowhere fast?
9.  Am I juggling family, career and planning a wedding?
10.  Am I just finding everything too expensive and getting more discouraged by the minute?

If you can answer some of these questions, identify with some of them and feel a sense of relief, I have a tool that might help you get focused.

If you are a bride-to-be, you can go to my website and put "planning" in the comment section and I'll email you a pdf of my "Visionnaire".  If you follow my blog, I will update you with tips to help you plan a stress-free wedding.