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Thursday, July 26, 2012

If You Are Planning A Seattle Wedding Or Not, Read This!

Many of you know that I founded and organize a networking group for event and wedding vendors via the platform.  It's called South King County Event and Wedding Vendors.  Iris Dumuk of  featured our June 2012 meeting on her blog.  At the meeting she took head shots for everyone and did a great job documenting the event and portraying the venue!  Here is the link to her blog post about the event.


Wishing you the Greatest of Days!

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Plan Your Wedding at A Paint Store!

Yes.  You might find it helpful to go to a paint store if you are wondering which colors you want for your wedding.  You might be wondering what colors will look well together.

Maybe you would like to hear about trends regarding colors.  Just as in fashion, interior design and even in the colors of cars, colors for weddings are selected up to as much as 6 years in advance of when they actually show up in the stores.  One of my favorite sources for the color palettes is a company called Pantone. They added 175 colors alone in their Spring 2012 collection in addition to their Fall 2011 collection.  Ladies, have you ever thought it was a miracle that you found a pair of shoes that matched your dress perfectly?  Sorry, it's not an accident!  If they were "born" about the same time, things will follow a certain palette for quite a while.   One thing I would never suggest is that you become too matchy-matchy. There are going to be variations in colors just depending upon the texture of any material and lighting. Make a note of what a wall color looks like at different times of the day.  Photographers will know what I'm talking about!  A long time ago I heard that there were over 200 shades of white.  So with that being said, just let go of some things. Things aren't identical and symmetrical in nature.  Our eyes don't even see things exactly the same from person to person.  That is a complete blog/e-zine in itself, but I won't do that to you!

If you're worried about how colors will coordinate, go to a paint store and ask to look at their color key. This is different than the paint chip display racks you're used to seeing in a paint section of a store.  You may have to ask someone at the counter to let you see it.  If you look at the photo here, you'll notice that there are many shades per paint strip.  If you look at a color and go straight across at the same position to any of the other strips, you will always know that those shades will compliment each other.

Happy coloring!