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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day and Valentine's Day Are...

It's Valentine's Day 2015 and romance is in the air.  More people get engaged from Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day than any other time of the year.  These days are often associated with a gathering of friends and family or as with Valentine's Day a day of special attention paid to the love of someone's life.  Have you ever wondered why so many wedding shows take place from January through March?  Well, that's the reason!

One thing that I would warn people about getting married on Valentine's Day, is that you can expect to pay through your teeth for roses on your Valentine's Day wedding.  I just saw something on the news about tulips replacing roses as a favorite flower for Valentine's Day.  That's a very good decision since they are in-season around Valentine's Day.

Wishing you the Greatest of Days!


  1. This Valentine's Day was very special for me. My fiancé proposed me for wedding. He had booked a party planner for the surprise party. It was the best moment of my life. Now we are getting married really soon. I am very happy!

  2. Congratulations, Gregor! I'm so happy for you! Here's to a wonderful wedding day and a wonderful life!