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Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Wedding Day Tour Guide", Greatest of Days Wedding Day Timeline

Here's our video on our "Wedding Day Tour Guide!"

You won't miss any information if you turn the sound off because there isn't any narration, but there is music. 

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Why Should Newly Engaged Couples Hire A Wedding Planner?

Why Should Newly Engaged Couples Hire a Wedding Planner?

1.  Within a month or two, even couples who have resisted hiring a Wedding Planner say it's the best decision they made.

2.  They will generally get back in savings what they pay for a Wedding Planner.

3.  Wedding Planners have many ways to help couples with any budget.

4.  Weddings can be planned from a long distance through a Wedding Planner.

5.  Wedding Planners reduce stress, save relationships and help a couple get the wedding they really want.

6.  Many Wedding Planners have years of experience and have to know about every aspect of a wedding's details.  Beware of venues or vendors who can say they can plan your wedding.  The experience is like comparing apples to oranges!

7.  The most common time that couples and their families wish they had hired a Wedding Planner is just before and just after a wedding.

Greatest of Days

Sunday, February 9, 2014

If You Can't Afford A Wedding Planner, Try This!

Most brides often wonder how they're going to keep everything going smoothly for their wedding day. Perhaps they like the planning aspects but are not quite sure how things are actually going to fall into place on the day of their wedding.  Perhaps they don't feel that they can afford a "Day-of" Coordinator.  Greatest of Days is pleased to pull out the stops and introduce "The Wedding Day Tour Guide!"  It's a timeline created for a 16-hour wedding day divided into as little as 15 minute increments.  Vendors, the bridal party, friends and family who have an integral part to play on the wedding day will be able to know exactly what is to take place and when.

And what is the best part??  The entire wedding day is mapped out 30 days before the wedding (we insist) and then our clients can enjoy the month before their wedding. Well a little bit at least. There will be plenty of activities taking place as it is without the unnecessary worries of tying up the loose ends together of the wedding itself.  That's the time to enjoy a bridal shower, greet friends and family members who might be traveling to the wedding, or just to take in a deep breath and put your feet up.

"What does Greatest of Days do for this service?"

1.  We have a 60-90 minute complimentary consultation over the phone to really get a vision of what a couple wants for their wedding.

2.  We take a glance (not a legal review) of contracts to look for trouble spots.

3.  We contact the vendors and determine what they need to do their jobs most effectively.

4.  We create a timeline with all the vendors' contact information and assign a special color for them on a spreadsheet.  Their arrival time, alerts to their upcoming tasks, the tasks themselves and then their tear down and departure times are noted on the spreadsheet at specific points during the day with their specific color.

5.  We contact the people involved in the wedding day well in advance of the 30-day cutoff time (bridal party, parents, etc.) so that they can all be on the same page throughout the wedding day.  There will be plenty of time for them to come up with questions and concerns.  We do not listen to everyone else's opinion about what your wedding should be like.  We design a timeline with what a couple wants for their wedding.  Outside suggestions are not listened to if it seems to go against what a couple has planned for their wedding.  Our couples are notified if there seems to be a problem.

"Why did Greatest of Days even create this planning option?"

We don't mean to be insulting but we rarely if ever saw a couple's wedding day timeline that didn't have a problem or a lack of information.   

"Why is the 'The Wedding Day Tour Guide' loved so much?"

1.  A bride, groom or parents are not constantly being bombarded with questions.  Many other people will know the answers to those questions and will probably clue other people in on what they are supposed to do.  Everything is in black and white.....we actually more than every color in the rainbow!

2.  Vendors love it because they were not hired to coordinate your wedding!  They get to stay with their tasks at hand and serve you in a way that best reflects on their business. 

Here's something I observed about developing a "Tour Guide" for clients!  On their wedding day, I look up at the clock and say to myself, "Now they're having the toasts, now they're cutting the cake!"  That surprised even me, but that is how much your wedding day gets into my head!  

Wishing you the greatest of days!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Greatest of Days Planning Packages

Here are the Greatest of Days planning packages (geared towards weddings), but they are applicable to many events.  Every event is personalized or focused in such a way to reflect the voice of a couple getting married, someone planning a milestone birthday or special social occasions including Celebration of Life events (uplifting memorials) and last but not least businesses or associations!

Wishing you the greatest of days!

Be sure to look at our website and enjoy finding a different event planning tip on each page.  You might have to search a little on some of the pages!