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Monday, August 6, 2012

Weddings Traditions Around the World

Cultural Wedding Traditions

History, Tradition or Superstition?

Guess the country!

In this country they used to break thin biscuits over a bride's head to symbolize her wealth.  I'm guessing that brides must have gotten fed up with that!  Then someone got the wise idea to put frosting all over buns and that led to adding cream filling, then stacking them in a pyramid shape...and sometimes it was built around caged doves that were later released!  It's also customary in this country for the guests to bring flowers to the wedding which literally cover all of the tables.  

It is customary in one country that a couple only has one week to get married after they become engaged!  They, with two witnesses, go to the city hall to get married while everyone else stays at the bride's parents' home to prepare the feast. Can you guess which country and culture it is?

Wedding traditions in this country include the bride's female relatives removing her veil, and replacing it with an apron and a scarf and then sing to her.  It's their way of celebrating her new status as a wife.  Which Country is it?  And people STILL get married there!?  Answers in a future post.

Hint:  Mediterranean Countries!

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