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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Get Ready to Rock Your Wedding Planning!

It finally happened! The manuscript for the book has been submitted to the editor! It has been a labor of love with the goal to educate couples about navigating the waters of wedding planning. It's been an effort to enable consultations that won't begin with "What's your price?" or "What's your budget?" Instead, couples will gain a practical base of knowledge grounded in the reality of what vendors do for couples. It explores what happens below the tip of the iceberg which is where the real work takes place. Couples will feel more focused on what their priorities are and feel prepared before they meet with vendors. They won't be afraid to ask for help in the areas where they want to save money, alleviate stress, or gain back some time.

All vendors will remain anonymous as I wanted them to tell the unfettered truth about what they feel couples should know before a consultation. 

The plan is to have the book available in hardcover and on Kindle. Expect something to be popping up for purchase around the beginning of March 2019.