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Friday, August 21, 2015

RSVP! If Only People Would Pretend to Know What it Means!

Do You Know What R. S. V. P. Means?

I probably wouldn't lose too much money if I bet that one of the most frustrating things that anyone hosting an event experiences, it would be trying to wrangle in the RSVP's.  

So this one is for you if you:

1.  Have ever had to hassle with this dilemma, 
2.  Don't want to admit that you didn't know what it means.

Maybe this will help.  As for the reasons why sending in an RSVP is so important, here's a short recap.  The number of people dictates the costs of an event.  By not sending in a timely RSVP, you are making the math extremely difficult for the items listed below.  For rentals, it is a nasty budget killer whether it was money spent and gone to waste or having to make last minute adjustments from late RSVP's.  Here goes!

Tables, chairs, food, serving utensilssternos, chafing dishes, linens, decorations, space, favors, dessert, plates, glasses, cups, saucers, bowls,  cutlery, etc.

I can't speak French, so I'll just say it means:  Reasons you Should Verify Your Presence.  That might be only partially correct, but it might get a few more people to send in their RSVP's!

Now, go send in an RSVP for something you're invited to!  Consider it almost like a gift!  It's sad, but true.

"I don't have stamps isn't an excuse"...they still make them.

Wishing you the greatest of days!

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  1. Yeah dear I also agree there is no need to send RSVP. As when I planned my wedding at LA venues with help of my event coordinator, he managed all such things at his end. We haven’t faced any issue, and the planning done by him was really great.

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  3. An independent event planner takes on an even larger role on your wedding day than a venue coordinator. Venue coordinators overwhelming love it when you hire an established, independent event coordinator. It makes their job much easier and saves the couple getting married a lot of time while the wedding is being planned and at the wedding and reception.

    More venues are requiring that couples hire a professional wedding coordinator especially for the wedding day. On the day of the wedding, they like having a point person rather than having to interrupt a couple during their wedding reception and be able to communicate with someone who knows weddings like the back of their hand. You might want to at least check out hiring an "Day-of" Coordinator.