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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Event Planners Keep Company with Great People, But They Don't Do This!

Yes, annually, we keep good company with those in the top five most stressful jobs.  You can count on us being surrounded by firefighters, airline pilots, enlisted military, police officers and other similar professions.

One thing that each of the other individuals above does not have to keep up with is having a website built as part of their profession.  An independent event planner does.  I found my web designer because they primarily create custom wedding and other event invitations.  I am fortunate enough to have them in my own backyard near Seattle and they aren't very far from the airport.  I would suggest that anyone from Seattle, since you know your way to the airport, make a trip to see them in Burien. They have clients from all over the world.  

Well, if you have ever had a website built, you know how excited you are for the big reveal!  I was surprised how quickly they got it done!  It was amazing!  I would suggest visiting for one of a kind invitations that they make.  I love going to their shop because it is a feast to the eyes to see their vast variety of designs!  You aren't allowed to take pictures in their store either.  It's like a surprise entrance to an abundance of creativity.

So here's my invitation for you to visit our new baby website.  No commas in that last sentence or it would be an entirely different celebration.  I assume no one names their baby Website.  I would certainly hope not.  I guess they could call him Webb.  Here you go!