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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A Book is Born! "Wedding Planning Unmasked!"

Introducing "Wedding Planning Unmasked!"

The Story of Why I Wrote a Book on Wedding Planning

Why would I do that when there are already zillions of books on wedding planning?

I wrote "Wedding Planning Unmasked!" because I noticed that there was a knowledge gap between couples planning a wedding and them knowing what wedding vendors could or should do for them. People don't plan a wedding every day. Couples might know someone who has planned a wedding, but it's unlikely that they know 16 professional wedding vendors hired for an average wedding. Even if they did, they couldn't just get their keys, open their offices and do their job. It's not their fault, but not much is out there to guide couples for consulting with each type of vendor.

It helps couples to know what kind of services vendors provide, how they can save them money, and what questions you need to ask each vendor. Friends might give advice but it does not come from the point of planning your wedding. Every couple deserves productive and comfortable consultations to make sure they get what they envision or understand why something might not fit their budget. There is something awkward (but perfectly normal) about a consultation that begins with "What's your budget?" and "How much do you charge?" Information is powerful. Coming from a base of knowledge also gains respect from and for everyone involved.

"Wedding Planning Unmasked!" was written from interviewing many wedding vendors from many types of services. They were kept anonymous so that they could reveal the good, the bad and the ugly that they felt was important for couples planning a wedding to know. It was not written with checklists that pretty much leave you on your own, put you into a box, or make you do things you don't even need to do. There are very useful lists of questions in the book and some pretend conversations to help get through wedding planning to eliminate as much stress as possible.

Take a look here at "Wedding Planning Unmasked!" on Amazon.

Here's to unmasked wedding planning! Get ready to explore the art, science, logistics, and psychology of planning a wedding.

P.S. if you read the book, please leave a review or see even more ways that Greatest of Days can help couples plan a wedding. We will do live workshops, webinars, coaching calls and of course, full planning! 

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