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Saturday, May 7, 2011

What Happens When You Hire a Wedding Coordinator? Part 4.

Okay, you've got the dress and the venue and you should continue from there with bridesmaids dresses and bring in the guys so you can determine what style and colors of tuxedos or suits and so forth will go well with what the bridesmaids are wearing, etc.

Not every wedding is going to be planned in the same way as no two weddings are alike.  Okay, I have to inject my biased, and possibly unpopular opinion.  I personally hate checklists just for the sake of having a checklist.  I find it overwhelming to see 500 things to do.  I think they are useless until I have really gotten into my client's head.  I feel that a wedding should be planned only to the degree you need it to be.  Sometimes those checklists make you spend more money because they will give you a sense that "have" to do this or that!  I would say, let's make your own schedule, not a checklist.  Checklists do not a wedding make!  There are so many styles of planning that can be used.  You have to use what works for you!  Those checklists would lead you to think that you can't even plan a wedding in less than a year!  Give me three months and I will more than likely be able to have a wedding planned.  Not suggesting that I want to plan all of the summer's weddings in just the three months prior!  That's is scary!  My point is that I can surely shorten your engagement time by months!

From here on out it is the time for the "make it your day" fun stuff but it's also serious stuff!  Everything from "this day forward" is pretty much going to have your name written all over it and will make your day most memorable.  It's where you get to show your style as well as your love and respect for your guests.  This is when you are able to tell your story through words, pictures, music and objects.

At this point in time, I would say a Wedding Coordinator really pays off for you financially and for your peace of mind!  Your Coordinator is willing to go with you to all of your vendor appointments after searching for a variety that will match your budget, personality and style.  Your Coordinator by now has spent hours listening to what you want and you benefit from their thousands of hours of networking, marketing and education that they have invested in trying to learn as much as possible about each and every type of vendor you might be looking for.  This is something that other vendors for your wedding do not have to do to the same extent.  They will place their concentration on their own particular field and trends.  We have to know as much as possible about each type of vendor!  It's impossible to know everything, but we will match your vision with the right person for you!

Save the Dates and invitations are really your guests first clue as to what your wedding is going to be like.  I suggest that you incorporate your wedding colors into your invitations because often your guests will take that as guideline of what color of clothing they will want to wear to your wedding.  If you are planning on having an outdoor wedding be sure you include something that clues them in and helps them prepare for the elements.  If you are registered somewhere for gifts, do not include those cards in your invitations.  There are more subtle and discreet ways of giving them this information.  It's much more palatable in writing.

Whether its the photography style you like, the food and beverage that you think you and your guests will like, you are beginning to make your own unique wedding.  You can say it with flowers, music, favors, programs, your colors, your theme, decorations, guest book (not always a book), your cake (or other dessert), down to your mode of transportation to and from your wedding.  There are hundreds of choices to be made.  If you are guided through them gently with a Wedding Coordinator, it won't be nearly as overwhelming or costly!  Yes through getting you in touch with quality vendors who have good prices or offer discounts unavailable except through a planner, you will save a lot of money!

In summary, you're setting the tone for your wedding and beginning to plan your wedding in a way that feels most comfortable for you!

Wishing you the greatest of days!

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