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Friday, May 20, 2011

Sentimental Touches to Dual-Purpose Items at Your Wedding or Other Event

You are multi-tasking all the time so why not save some money and have elements of your wedding do the same.

Here are just a few easy ideas that I've suggested to or learned from brides.

1.  For an outdoor ceremony and you want to have programs set on each of the chairs for your guests, hold them down with rocks and make a rock ceremony a part of your wedding.  Here's a hint!! Don't use boulders! Just use stones big enough to hold down the program.  Remember that whatever they are collected in should be strong enough and you don't want to have to pack out a container when filled with the stones to weigh a ton!

2.  Trying to get that aisle runner to stay in place?  Use flowering potted plants that you can give away later as favors.  This goes great with a green theme, but will work for almost any wedding theme.

3.  At the head table during your reception, have your bouquet and bridesmaid bouquets serve as table decorations.

4.  Arrange ahead of time to have your floral arrangements taken to an assisted living facility, homeless shelter or perhaps a shelter for battered women and their families.

5.  Do something that will become a gift that keeps on giving.

The following is something I did at my father-in-law's memorial.  (love and miss you, xoxo Dad!)  We of course wanted to reflect his personality and make a tribute to him.  He loved children, volunteered for the fire department, was a teacher and was known for his big bear hugs.  When we were trying to come up with a simple but touching element to encapsulate all of these things that we loved about Dad, I said to everyone just give me 10 minutes in a store, I'll walk a few aisles and an idea will come to me.

The result was having a variety of sizes of teddy bears on each table at the memorials service.  We attached little notes to the bears stating "In honor of Dad who was known for his big bear hugs and his love of children, these bears are going to be donated to the fire department to give to children in times of crisis".  We saved a certain number of these bears back for his children and grandchildren which are still being displayed in various places in each of their houses or cars.  It was a healing moment to deliver those bears to the fire department.  The smiles began with the extremely grateful fire department personnel, and it was so nice to imagine tears being dried up on those Teddy bears when a child most needed something to hug.  We did something else customized for my own Dad's memorial to reflect our love for him that would be comforting to his family.

Consider making your event or wedding one that is filled with love that will spread around your community or the world!

Wishing you the greatest of days!

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