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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DIY Weddings. A Little Advice on Invitations!

This is an introduction at the beginning of each topic in this series.  Look below for the new entry in this series.

We all want to save money whenever we can, but if we end up paying more in the long run or creating a bad experience, what are we really saving?

Everything boils down to what you don't know can hurt you.  Here are just a few things you should know about various aspects of your wedding if you don't use professionals.  This is just the tip of the iceberg!  If you hear yourself say any of these statements, you might want to really stop and take the time to consider the costs in time and money.  Stop and be honest with yourself first to make sure that you aren’t making a decision you will regret weeks or years later.  
“I can do that!”  
“I have a friend who does that!”  
“That looks easy enough to do!”  
“I don’t think that will matter”. 
“I don’t have the money for that”.
“I think that _____ would enjoy doing that!”

1.  If  you want to create and send your own invitations, you should really try making your Save the Date announcements first.  If this seems overwhelming, you owe it to your self to contact a local vendor who creates invitations and favors.  Invitations will be a much more time-consuming and more expensive project especially if you have to buy all the supplies to create them.
2.  If you hire a professional you will only pay for what you need and not have to buy a whole box of invitations or envelopes if you make a mistake on just a few invitations.  
3.  Another thing to consider is quality control and not just for typos.  Sometimes quality control doesn't go over well with your friends and feels like criticism.  Make sure that your friends really enjoy doing this type of project if they are helping you with this project.

4.  A professional will show you many ways to give your invitations the look and feel that you like that you probably never even thought of.

As always, wishing you the greatest of days!

Janis Flagg

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