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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bride and Groom, First in Line Please!

What line?  At your wedding if you are having a buffet style reception, please allow yourselves to go through the line first.  You are going to need nourishment to get you through the reception and it is especially important if you will be consuming any alcohol.  As an Wedding Coordinator, I always make sure that the bride and groom either go through the line first, or tell me what they want and I can bring to them a plate of food where they are seated.  I would suggest that your bridal party or those at the head table go next and/or your immediate family members.  Their day for them, as for yourself, has been one of increased adrenaline and you really want them to be feeling their best for the all the festivities.  Low-blood sugar tempers can be avoided!

Another thing about you going through the line first, is that you can catch a quiet moment or two to yourselves while everyone else is going through the buffet line.  It's nice to have had as many of your pictures taken as possible earlier so that your guests do not have to wait a long time to eat.  If you don't want pictures taken before your wedding, it's nice to have something for the rest of your guests to do and have a selection of appetizers to tide them over until the reception.   There are so many options to keep your guests entertained, but that is another blog post unto itself!  You can consider a cocktail hour if you need a transition time if the wedding has just taken place in the same room that the reception will be held in.  It depends on what your venue has available for space and services.

As always..wishing you the greatest of days!

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