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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Seven Intangible Benefits to Hiring a Wedding Planner

Wedding professionals are not any different than other professionals.  They put in a lot of time and money into developing a business and like many other small business owners, they wear about every hat you can imagine to deal with all the tasks that they are faced with.  You will know pretty quickly if you are dealing with a wedding professional who has a lot of experience or is still testing the waters.  You can be certain that you will be getting what you pay for.  It's your choice.

When it comes to considering hiring a Wedding Planner, you are receiving many intangible benefits such as:

1.  Peace of mind.

2.  Loss prevention. (mistakes couples commonly make that cost money)

3.  Knowledge of weddings. (knowing them like the back of their hand)

4.  A lookout person!  Wedding Planners can sense when things just don't feel right and can deal with a potential problem before it happens.

5.  Invisible problems.  If a problem does happen, 99% of the time the couple getting married won't even know it happened.

6.  Who do you know?  You don't have to worry if a vendor is right for your personality, style and budget.  A Wedding Planner will get a sense of what will make a perfect vendor and perfection client connection.  You will be personally introduced to a vendor rather than searching for a vendor.

7.  Go team!  Your Wedding Planner is putting together a team for a couple's wedding day.  Each team member knows what the other is doing well in advance of the wedding.  This is often not the case when you don't have a Wedding Planner.  Every wedding should have a detailed playbook!

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