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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Reality TV Wedding Shows vs. Weddings in Reality!

Reality TV Wedding Shows vs. Weddings in Reality

I'll admit that I don't make a habit of watching the "Reality TV" wedding shows. Honestly, I find them to be stressful to watch.  It's similar to a scary movie as a little kid.  You're afraid when that monster might appear out of nowhere!  It's like...drama down everybody, please!  But it's TV so that's the way it will be. However, truth is stranger than fiction and sometimes reality is strangest of all. As a Wedding Planner we can only hope we don't have to experience too many of the things we see on TV.  That's not to say that we don't see our fair share of unbelievable moments or actions!

I hear this all the time from people I run into.  "Is being a Wedding Planner like it is on TV?"  "I suppose you have to deal with a lot of Bridezillas!"  "Is it like Jennifer Lopez in the movie?"  "Do you have that movie...  ....uh.... The Wedding Planner?"  "Do you wear a headset?"

Now and then, I'll admit to being drawn into watching the shows.  Sometimes I almost want to watch the show with my hands to my face and peeking through my fingers!  It's better if I'm alone when I'm watching unless someone doesn't mind me yelling, "What the heck?"  They might hear, "Well, of course!  What did you think?"  Maybe it's just a long drawn out "NO!"  That's about the time that my husband walks in and asks "Did something break?  "Who were you talking to?"  I'll respond with, "Oh, never mind, it's wouldn't understand!"

Here's what I'm really thinking when I watch some of these shows depending on the drama meter for a particular episode.  Now you'll see why I don't make a habit of dropping everything to watch these shows!

Remember this is to people chosen to be on TV for effect!

Referring to the TV Bride:

~ Uh, oh!  You shouldn't have brought so many people to shop for the dress!
~ Wow!  This one has probably been a spoiled brat all of her life!
~ That's the dress!  I can tell!
~ Remember to think about your guests at your wedding!

Referring to the TV Bridal Party:

~ I thought you were her friend?
~ I wonder if they will still be friends after the wedding?

Referring to the TV Mother of the Bride:

~ I bet your mother never let you have any say in your wedding?
~ I can't believe you're taking this!
~ Be nice!!
~ What does your daughter want?

Referring to the TV Sister of the Bride:

~ It's not your wedding!
~ Hang in there.  She really loves you!

Referring to the TV Host:

~ Did you really think she would like that?  You know what you're doing and it will turn out!
~ I would love to design something like that, but what bride could afford all that?
~ I've said those exact same words!  Do I ever know how he/she feels!!

Referring to the TV Wedding Dress Consultant:

~ Who is the designer?
~ That's too much like the last one!
~ You're a miracle worker!
~ Good Luck!

Referring to the TV Cake Designer:

~ Well, that's interesting!
~ I want to learn how to do that!
~ Is this a kid's birthday party or a wedding?

TV show or not there's always a chance for drama, but one thing is certain...each wedding is different!  I've only had one wedding in 7 years that I ended up hating, well maybe 1-1/2.  Crude, rude and socially unacceptable are words that come to mind. If someone is rude or mean to vendors or me while working with me at an event, all ties are cut.

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