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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Every Wedding Professional Should Put Themselves in a Bride's Pair of Shoes

There are experiences that we all have that we look forward to with excitement and a fair amount of trembling.  The key is to not worry and do your best to live in the moment.  This is how I felt when another wedding coordinator and myself were given the opportunity today to speak on a radio show about our upcoming Bridal 4-1-1 Workshops.  The hosts made us feel very comfortable and at ease.  The thought occurred to me that I felt somewhat like a bride with the radio hosts being like a wedding coordinator.  I was excited for the opportunity and had a little bit of fear, but I knew I was in good hands with the fun and experienced co-hosts of the radio show.  They told us what to expect to set our minds at ease.  If you want to hear the interview about the go to to listen to the first segment which is our interview.  Stay tuned since there will be more!

I am glad for those little experiences that make me feel like I am doing something so different that I am really stretching my comfort zone.  Sometimes, extremely uncomfortable!  It's not pleasant at some point beforehand, but there's nothing like the feeling of making it through an experience and even having had a good time and smiling when thinking back on it.

Yes, it's good to place ourselves in someone else's shoes now and then even if the brand on one shoe is "Fear" and the other is "Wonderful Memories".

I have to give a tip of the hat to Rochelle and Pam at

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