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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Decorating Tips for Weddings

Here are some of my favorite and simple decorating tips for weddings.

Wedding Decorating Tip # 1. Most venues will not allow the use of tape, tacks, or nails when decorating an event. Look for steel surfaces and use strong magnets. Just remember!! 1) Use something to act as a barrier between the magnet and the surface, i.e., leaf from silk flowers. It's common courtesy to go out of your way not to cause any damage to the venue. 2) Keep magnets out of the reach of children!!

Wedding Decorating Tip #2: Have the bridal and attendants' bouquets do double duty! With either vases or special bouquet holders that attach to a table, you can add a splash of color where ever you might need it. Maybe the guestbook table, cake table or head table. Let your creativity go crazy!

 Wedding Decorating Tip #3: Develop a theme and design for your wedding. This will reduce your costs on decorating as long as you don’t buy everything that has a seashell on it (for example) and have to start your own surplus store. Stick to your design!

Wedding Decorating Tip #4: Not everything has to be "matchy-matchy". Use a variety of tones of the same color. Light will change how a color looks anyway. Think of the walls in your house, same color, totally different look with lighting. In design, wedding colors tend to run in same hues for a year, two or more. Some just stay around longer than others. Sometimes the colors stay the same but the names change!

Wedding Decorating Tip #5 Flower petals, real or artificial--BEWARE. The real ones can stain floors, concrete or just about any kind of surface. Step on those and you have a real mess and possibly a charge from the venue. The artificial petals can be very slippery on many surfaces. I would pick up either one of these off the floor or other surface almost immediately after a ceremony. Check with your venue!

Wedding Decorating Tip #6: Don’t assume that you can just put a sign or other decoration into the ground at a venue or public park. Why do many places not allow this? Three words! Outdoor sprinkler systems! That can be one very expensive decoration and miserable experience after you have paid to repair the sprinkler system.

Wedding Decorating Tip #7: Aisle Runners. I have a love hate relationship with them. They will seldom work as you would want them to.  A Wedding Coordinator can tell you where you can get them made from real fabric for just a few dollars more or make your own from your choice of heavier fabric.  If you want to really have a great one-of-a-kind runner, spend more money and get a custom aisle runner that is made of upholstery grade fabric, check this out!

Wedding Decorating Tip #8: If you can decorate the venue the evening before a wedding, everything will go more smoothly. Some venues will let you get in the evening before if they don't have another event taking place. Always ask what their policy is about getting in early to decorate.

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