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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Help for Brides Who Never Expected That Planning a Wedding Would Be So Stressful!

If this is you, give yourself some credit.  You have just taken on a part-time job and possibly one of the more major projects you will plan in your lifetime.  You probably want everything to be perfect, but perfectionism can get in the way of everyone having a perfect time on your wedding day.  That might sound backwards!

If you find yourself saying, "I should do this or I have to do that, try re-phrasing it just a bit and see if you feel better.  Try instead saying to yourself, "It would be preferable if I did this or did that."  Don't be surprised if something doesn't seem quite as important or essential.  This might help you reassess what is truly important to you or if you are just following what you think is assumed of you.

If you have someone who is putting some pressure on you to do something that would only add more stress, try saying something like "I would prefer not to." This helps to put the gears in neutral long enough for you to catch your breath and show assertiveness without being rude.  It's merely stating a fact.

Another thing that will get you through many rough spots, is a sense of humor.  Will whatever is stressing you out be important 50 years from now?  Probably not.  One thing is certain, worst case scenario, you'll be saying for years something like, "It wasn't funny then, but we've laughed about it so many times since."  You might need something to contribute when people you meet in the future talk and laugh about their wedding "horror" stories.  The goal is to have things go as well as possible, but not let the little things ruin your day!  (Note-- with a Wedding Coordinator, you probably won't even know what went wrong, because we take care of it without it interrupting your day.)

I'll share some things about my own wedding that took place at my parents' home.  I couldn't convince them to remove one of the hanging lamps in the living room.  It was my uncle who traveled the farthest who stood up into the lamp when I was walking down the aisle.  I kept apologizing every time I could for years to where it became funny.  I also found out the day after our wedding that I had thrown my toss bouquet onto the roof.  I had wondered why no one was following us and didn't quite know what to think.  Didn't anyone care?  Everyone was busy trying to figure out how they were going to get the bouquet down from the roof!!  Embarrassing?  Not for long!  Funny memory for a long time?  Yes!  If you don't want anyone chasing you, throw your bouquet on the roof!

Also, the more relaxed you are, the easier it is going to be on those you love enough to have asked them to be in your wedding.  This is an adjustment period for everyone, so just relax and have a good time.  You still want to have everyone on friendly terms after the wedding.

Wishing you the greatest of days!

Janis Flagg

We coordinate so you can celebrate!

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