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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2014 Client Appreciation Event

2014 Client Appreciation Event 8/23/14.  Our clients will be receiving an invitation very soon!

As We Remember Your Greatest of Days!

We might have found you a place to host your one-of-a-kind celebration.
We knew you wanted the perfect place to laugh, dine or even dance in.
Perhaps we helped you through saying "I do" and signing on the dotted line.
It could be that we found the perfect DJ so everyone would have a good time.

It could have been that we enjoyed a special day as we all said "Mazel Tov!"
For many a wedding, we cleaned up the mess after a splendid send off!
We might have even found you a photographer or a florist to match your style.
Perhaps it was a magician or a face painter that made you gasp or smile.

Maybe we found a luxury portable bathroom, which everyone mentioned for days.
You surely needed some signs to help everyone go this way and that way.
Your guests sighed, "We found it!"  as they spotted that customized banner.
Maybe we found people to help make your party complete and unlike any other.

We've shared in your wonderful moments many times from beginning to end.
You remain in our hearts forever and instead of a client, you became a friend.
It's YOU who we want to celebrate at our 2014 Client Appreciation Event.
Only this time you can relax completely and we're paying the rent!


2014 client appreciation event

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