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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

When Did Weddings and Events Get Married?

Events and weddings must have eloped at some point.  Maybe they both have the same last name now?  Seriously, parties and weddings have a lot more in common than they used to. You might be very surprised if you haven't attended a wedding in the last several years.  It might be worth going to one just to see how they have changed. Just kidding!  No wedding crasher suggestions!  Gone are the days when....well, there's actually a long list of what has changed.  I'll name just a few.

It used to be that weddings were much different than other celebrations. Couples today really like to have a wedding that reflects their personality and tells their story.  More than ever they want their guests to enjoy the wedding and reception and guarantee that they will have a good time. I'm not sure when or if it will return to having a reception like they used to have where the only thing people worried about was having cake, a mixture of nuts, mints and their beverages of choice at a wedding reception.     

Magicians. Photo booths of several varieties. Who would have dreamed of the choreographed dances including the father & daughter dance?  Add to that the amazing grand entrances into the reception by the newly married couple.  I think one of the contributing factors to a lot of these creative endeavors is the mere presence of YouTube.  Ideas wouldn't be spread like wildfire without this medium.  

Magicians are a wonderful ice breaker and bring everyone back around to being a kid again.  I'll put in a plug for Magician, Jeff Evans of Amazement Productions who has the most appropriate name for his company.   Another activity that will keep people laughing is Flipped Out Productions.  Josh Hershfield is great at getting people to act their craziest and go home with a souvenir/favor from the wedding that will bring laughter for years.  Aura Photo Booths are bound to entertain as well, and it might be the first time you didn't feel crowded in a photo booth.  What in the heck am I doing giving out vendor information for free?  Really, it is so nice to be able to know of all the many types of vendors.  That is why Wedding Coordinators ask a zillion questions on our initial consultations.  We want to be able to bring to reality a wedding that has a bride and groom's names written all over it.  It's all about being unique.  

Wishing you the greatest of days!

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