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Monday, March 24, 2014

Wedding Emotions

What?  Sadness around weddings?

Don't be fooled!  Planning weddings are going to bring out numerous emotions.  Probably there are as many emotions as there are people involved in a wedding.  Family, friends and even co-workers can experience hidden emotions that they might not even be aware of or be willing to admit.  But be prepared for surprising emotions after the wedding as well.

Did you ever feel this way when a friend or family member was planning a wedding or after they got married?  Did you feel like either they or you must have left the planet for as often that you see your friend anymore?  

There is an adjustment period for everyone.  A newly married couple needs to focus on their new life together and they're probably going through tug of war just with their families' demands for time.  Holidays will never be the same again and that's just the beginning!  

Especially with family, there can be some jealousy or stubbornness rearing it's ugly head.  A couple might be really trying to cut the apron strings and develop their own set of traditions or ways of doing things, yet a parent might not be wanting to let go.  It's a form of... yes, it's real..grieving!  Unknowns, fear, sense of loss, time passing quickly and getting older.  They can all be scary.  

Newly married couples could feel that there must have been a big sales promotion running for guilt trips and their parents bought every cruise available!  Any relationship cannot be an island.  It's important to keep in contact with old friends, but just on a different level.  Remember them on their special days and holidays and chat with them occasionally to just let them know you still care about them and their lives.  Better yet, just call them out of the blue.

Couples can also feel abandoned by their friends.  Communication is the key.  There comes a time in your life when everyone realizes how important it is to keep old friendships alive that have meant a lot to you in the past.  This doesn't mean you are putting your marriage out of first place!

Wishing you the greatest of  days!

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