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Monday, December 31, 2012

When Should My Wedding Dress Be Ready?

When Should My Wedding Dress Be Ready?

I love it when I hear from a bride who is wanting some answers.  I won't reveal the identity of anyone in my newsletter who asks a question.  A bride contacted me through my website wondering if I could tell her when her dress should be ready.

The best way to answer that is to make sure it is one of the first things you do in conjunction with finding a venue.  You want a dress that you will be comfortable in.  You might ask yourself some basic questions such as:

~  Do I want to walk down 2 flights of stairs in a mermaid-style dress?
~  Ask to look for dresses that are best for the weather conditions that are most likely for your wedding day.
~  Are you going to be outdoors or indoors?  If you are going to be indoors, does it have adequate heating or cooling?
~ What is your major concern when finding a dress?  Is it budget, style, or is it important that you are eco-friendly such as a previously owned or renting a dress.

I've heard some people recommend 9-12 months prior to the wedding to be the best amount of time.  Truth be told, most brides have been picturing their wedding dress for years.  If it has to be ordered you might very well take up all of the 9 months getting the dress made.  On the other end of the calendar you want to give an alterations person plenty of time, especially if they are busy during the peak wedding season. Seamstresses also do other projects such as proms, homecomings, anniversaries.  I always recommend that a bride buys her dress that she plan on getting the dress through the initial alterations pretty soon after buying the dress if the wedding is within a year or less.  Schedule with your alterations person when they would like to see you again.  Expect to have at least one or two check-ins with an alterations person between point A and Point B. I would err on the side of caution and get the dress right away and have a final fitting scheduled ahead of time a month out from your wedding and don't wait to the last minute.  If you have had an increase in your weight, enough to make you change a dress size or make you uncomfortable plus or minus as far as the weight scale is concerned, ASAP comes to my mind!

Some brides strike gold the first time out shopping for a dress, others are either plagued with indecision or too many opinions being thrown at them.  Only take 1-2 people with you shopping for a wedding gown and always remind yourself that IT IS YOUR WEDDING.  That doesn't mean spending tons of money is appropriate if you are considering your's or your parent's budgets.

Wishing You the Greatest of Days!

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