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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Must-Read if You Are Shopping for A Wedding Dress!

If you are newly engaged and will be shopping for a wedding dress, read this if you read nothing else.

Now and then I'll find an article online that really hits the nail on the head!  One that is straight to the point and packed with good information.  If you haven't read the Greatest of Days' Newsletter, (Wedding & Event Dialogue), you'll find out now and a few more times how strongly I feel about shopping for wedding dresses.  It's a very personal decision that is not like any other decision you will make.  Not to put any pressure on you, but it is the most photographed dress you will ever wear.  That's enough to think about, but please read this article that gives wonderful tips that make the difference of it being a bad experience vs. a good experience when shopping for your wedding dress.  It's from the Huffington Post by Renee Strauss if you want to read the article "The Five Qualities Your Gown Shopping Buddy Must Have".  The Huffington Post Wedding section in the Lifestyle category often has some very relevant information regarding weddings.

Wishing you the Greatest of Days!

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