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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bridal emergencies! This was a first!

Our tagline is "Creating Memories to Bring a Smile to Your Face for Years to Come!"  A few years ago, this was a situation I found myself in 10 minutes before a ceremony was to start.  The Maid of Honor came to me with a look of desperation on her face.  Immediately, I went into caaaaaalllllmmm mode and listened with an open mind!  She said, "She (the bride) says she needs us to bring her bucket.  She has to pee really bad!"  My first thought was, "This highly educated, refined woman?"  Expect anything on a wedding day!  But this was a first!!  The problem was, if the bride left the dressing area, everyone including the groom would be able to see her.  She wanted to surprise her groom! 
Here's a secret and a view into the method to my madness!  Before I leave the house to prepare for a wedding or event, I go through my house looking for anything that might possibly come in handy other than what I have in my bridal fashion emergency kit of 600 items!  There's really not much rhyme or reason to it, I just do it!  This time I saw and grabbed a very large piece of fabric I had bought and eventually made drapes from.  It had beautiful creamy white fabric with a silver thread background with a very pale blue brocade design of a flower basket.  Best of all it was 85" wide!  That could come in handy for something.
I told the maid of honor to get all of the bridesmaids prepared to hold up this piece of fabric, first taking a corner and then picking up the slack at even intervals around the fabric and hold their hands high!  What we did was encircle the bride so that she was hidden and we took the craziest 15'-20' journey from an area that was only pipe and drape over to the restroom.  
Obviously we were all in a little bit of a daze and after the bride emerged from her fabric cocoon and was in the restroom, we realized that we were still holding the fabric up high in the air!  I asked, "Would anyone like to go in there and see if she is okay or could use some help?"  Preferably a Maid or Honor or a Bridesmaid! Long story short, we made it back to the dressing area, everyone was composed, a bride was much more comfortable and the wedding started on time!   Later that evening she handed my card to someone and said, "Everyone should have a Wedding Coordinator!"

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