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Saturday, April 23, 2011

What Happens When You Hire a Wedding Coordinator? Part 2.

In Part 1 of this series, I wrote that you can expect to almost feel like you've never been listened to so much in your life!  It's like a fun interview and the result is going to be a day that you've always dreamed of.

Not every Wedding Coordinator is going to have the exact same process when working for a client.  Just as a bride has her own unique style, so do Coordinators or any wedding vendor for that matter. Part 2 will begin to help you become laser-focused on what is most important to you.

I like to have a bride and groom both write down separately what they most want to remember about their wedding as well as their reception and also how they want their guests to remember both events.  They really are in many ways two separate events.  I like to have the bride and groom both write down what they consider the five most important things to them for their wedding and reception.  This is what I call my "5 + 5 = 6" equation.  From each list for each "event" I ask them to compile a joint list.  Every bride and groom has a list of things that are "must haves".   A bride and groom might think that everybody wants a particular aspect of a wedding, but in reality, people have very different priorities.  They are not alone.  I continue to find it amusing that vendors of any type of category will think that they are automatically what a bride and groom will book first.  What's most important to one couple will not be important at all to another couple.

After a list has been compiled from the "5 + 5 = 6" equation, it's time to talk budget.  This list is a road map to what the budget should be focused on.  If money is tight, I can suggest ways that they might be able to have some aspect of their wedding do double duty.  I love it when there is a  problem to getting some element into a wedding due to budget constraints or limitations at a particular venue.  The reason I love it so much is because that lets creativity come out of its cage and explore the whole world.  There are a million ways to solve problems and they often end up adding a lot of special meaning and wonderful moments that would have otherwise never even existed.  It's not surprising at all that they haven't cost any money or perhaps very little money.

So in summary to Part 2, the framework is set up to creating the big day.  The dreams and reality are just beginning to emerge!  Next thing you know, tasks are going to be checked off of the lists right and left.  The fun is just beginning!

As always, wishing you the greatest of days!

Greatest of Days

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