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Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Happens When You Hire a Wedding Coordinator? Part 1.

A wedding Coordinator basically starts out by getting to know what you envision for your wedding after they have determined if they will be available for your wedding day.  You can expect questions that will help them determine what you like, dislike, how you met and get a glimpse of what has brought you to the point where you want to spend the rest of your lives together.  Before you know it, you will have found words or your coordinator has found words to describe exactly what you want your wedding day to be like.   Everything from the look, the feel, the sounds and even the tastes will be put together like a puzzle.

They'll likely want to know what your family backgrounds are such as your parents' marital status or family dynamics are so that awkward moments can be avoided later.  It's always better that finding out this type of information right away long before a seating chart is discussed.

A Wedding Coordinator, like most wedding vendors wants to do the best job possible and establish the parameters of what can be a 6 -16 month relationship in developing the most celebrated day in your adult life.  What a good Wedding Coordinator should do is listen and listen some more.  You should feel like you have found a new friend who is really going to have your back.  From that, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you wedding day is "so you".

My clients are always surprised at the number of emails that will go back and forth even for a Day-of Coordination.  Speaking of that, you should expect to have quick responses to your questions and not feel that any question is a stupid question.  We realize that you probably have not planned a wedding before and even if you have helped someone plan theirs, it's so different when it is your own.

To sum it up, just be prepared to talk about the most anticipated celebration in your life and what it looks like in your mind's eye.  You'll know everything is going well when you end up having  many laughs and probably even develop some inside jokes along the way!  A Wedding Coordinator will spend more time with you than any other vendor for your wedding.  Here's a little secret or why you might think you're seeing your Wedding Coordinator tear up a little bit!  What?  Really? After your wedding, your Wedding Coordinator is probably going to really miss you and will be absolutely thrilled to hear how you're doing and hear about the latest adventures in your life.  We're professionals, but we are people first and develop a warm spot in our hearts for our clients.

As Always, wishing you the greatest of days!

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Next, we'll talk about the unknown ways a Wedding Coordinator can help you!

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