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Friday, December 10, 2010

Music for Your Wedding Should be Music for Everyone's Ears!

"Yea!  I can save a lot of money on my wedding.  Our best friend is going to use his Ipod for our wedding music!  Whew, that's one thing out of the way!"  Not so fast! 

I would say it can be one thing out of the way, but more than likely it will be the one thing that could get in the way of you having a wedding with the very best of memories.  Here are some of the wonderful things that I love about working with a professional DJ.  They recognize that you will have people of all ages attending your wedding and reception.  I'm sure that in your mind you visualize ALL of your guests having a wonderful time.  A professional, experienced DJ will read the crowd, know just how much to speak, when to speak, be your liaison with your guests and help keep your wedding on schedule.

It's probably safe to assume that Grandma and Grandpa Smith are not going to be having a great time listening or even dancing to anything on the Top 10 chart!  No matter what their age, they are still in their hearts younger than their number of years add up to and they cherish the best times in their lives...when they were your age.  A good DJ will know how to bring that back out of them and they can feel young once again.  Your reward will be seeing the smile on their faces and what is so pure as a hug from Grandma!  A possible side effect might include one of the biggest laughs of the night at your reception as that generation cuts loose to everyone's surprise!

Getting down to brass tacks!  You're saying, "I don't have the budget for a DJ!  I would suggest that you interview several DJ's and you might be surprised at their options.  Sometimes they will have systems set up for you without a DJ being present that will be a wonderful compromise to having an IPod wedding without the glitches.  There really are a lot of options from DJ's that you might not have even thought of that will end up being the icing on your cake rather than melted butter cream all over the place.  Well, you catch my drift!

More on DJ's in future posts.

As always..wishing you the greatest of days!

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  1. Not helpful now, only because the wedding is done and I can say without a doubt..a DJ makes a world of difference, because we didn't have one. So much was missed, inviting the other family members to dance, the wedding party ect. I told my daughter a thousand times she had to have brown eyed girl and well...she was a beautiful bride :)