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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weddings, Events, Seating Styles and Fire Codes

Wedding Wake up Call! 

There is a really good reason why some venues don't allow balloons or you had better at least hope that one doesn't get away inside the building.  Why?  They, along with smoke can activate the sprinkler systems!  And guess what?  In many venues it's your responsibility to retrieve balloons if they get away. beautiful balloon!

Another thing you will find in most facilities for events or otherwise is a number inside a room usually near the doorway, but look around anyway!  That number represent the number of people can be in a room...STANDING UP (this is what they call reception style).  You would think reception style would mean that everyone would be seated at tables.  Here are the types of seating styles you should know about before you rent a venue.

Theater style:  Where everyone is seated in rows of chairs

Classroom style:  Where everyone is seated at narrow tables facing one direction with possibly several people at each table.

Reception Style:  Standing up perhaps with a few cafe or bistro tables set up without seating.

Banquet Style:  Where everyone is seated at round tables.  Tables 5' in diameter, maximum seating would be 8 people.  Tables 6' in diameter, maximum would be 10.  Rectangular tables are used less frequently for banquets.  The space requirements and comfort of guests need to be considered if using rectangular shaped tables.

Tip:  When having banquet style seating, take into account the fact that people will either be going through a buffet line or there will be servers.  When people are seated and their food is brought to them, it's referred to as a "Plated Dinner".  Both styles need to allow plenty of room for guests to be going back and forth to the buffet line or for servers to clear the tables.


Round banquet tables are referred to as "Rounds"

An "8-Top" or "10-Top" refers to the number of people to be seated at a table.  The number can vary at an event to assure that seats are set up to accommodate the number of guests expected and maximizing the space.

Kent International Festival Fund Raising Dinner, 2010.   Example of Banquet Style Seating

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  1. I didn't know that balloons weren't allowed in some venues due to the possibility of activating the sprinklers. Weddings won't be complete without balloons but if its for the convenience of everyone then they must follow the policies.