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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Brides, Do You Have 7-1/2 Work Weeks at 40 Hours a Week to Plan Your Wedding?

That is what statistics show as the equivalent amount of time that a bride will spend planning her wedding.

It's no wonder that engagements are so much longer than they used to be.  Planning a wedding is like a part-time job.  A brand new job in a new territory!  It's likely that a bride has never planned a wedding before.  It makes sense that she would go online and try to plan her wedding.  It can reach a point where it feels like a quote from Mark Twain in what he termed "modern inconveniences".  I also call this information overwhelm.  There's no question, the information is out there and lots of it.  At some point, a bride can begin to ask questions.  

One day it might be, "Am I doing this right?"  Later on it might be, "How do I know if it's going to turn out?"  The most desperate question is, "How am I going to get everything done in time?"  There's a missing link that could set her mind at ease.  A professional Wedding Coordinator.  

There's no question that if she had gone to a Wedding Coordinator at the very beginning, she would probably be much more relaxed and not have so many questions like this popping up into her head.  It is my goal to educate brides on how we can be a cost-effective decision for them.  They also don't know that most vendors hope that a bride has a Wedding Coordinator. 

Many wedding vendors say that one of the first questions they ask a bride is if they have a Wedding Coordinator.  Some are changing that question to "Who is your Wedding Coordinator?"  The answer they don't like hearing is, my cousin..., my Mom.  They might not even want to hear "The venue lady is taking care of everything!"  Venues in general are glad when a bride has a professional Wedding Coordinator, some even require it!

By the time a bride has spent a few hours with Greatest of Days, a bride knows what she wants her wedding to be like, what is most important to her and in general what lies within  her budget.

Please visit Greatest of Days to see there is an option to help you get focused...and shorten your engagement!

Wishing you the greatest of days!

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