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Monday, April 2, 2012

RSVP! How to handle those non-RSVP's!

R.S.V.P.  ( répondez s'il vous plaît) or Respond Please!  Why this is so important (and frustrating) for anyone planning a wedding or other event!  Here's some RSVP 101 and my devious ideas! 
Does anyone understand the significance of this?  They might not!  That is, until they are the ones planning an event.  It comes down to showing a host the common courtesy of knowing whether you are going to be attending or not.  For a wedding, it can influence the costs tremendously!  Most people think that it's just the cost of the food.  That is the biggest concern, but a lot of people don't think of the extra costs that a bride and groom might incur because they want to make sure that no one goes hungry or doesn't have a place to sit.  Here are some extra expenses you might not even think of in addition to the food.  If a person doesn't have an accurate count it can add to wasted money on tables, chairs, chair covers, chair sashes, tablecloths, napkins, glassware, stemware, centerpieces, cutlery, etc.  These things do not always come automatically with the catering.  (More on that in another newsletter!)  When people don't RSVP by a certain date is causes unprecedented stress on the bride, groom and their families when they least need it!  They already have enough things on their minds and have the extra weight due other's lack of courtesy.  
If only you could put in the invitation...if you don't RSVP and you show up, you will be sitting on the floor, be the last ones to be called up to the buffet line, wish you had brought a plate, eat the food with your fingers, wipe your mouth on your sleeve, go thirsty...and be roasted, (oops!) toasted during the reception.  Maybe you can just give the name of the town where the wedding will be and not give the location of the wedding until they RSVP.  I've never thought of that before! Hmmm. You could make them get up and dance during the reception, but instead of dancing to Y-M-C-A, you could make them do the same only to the letters R-S-V-P.  It's your party, you can do what you want to!  8)

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