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Friday, September 30, 2011

Weddings Equal Eight, Yes Eight Reunions in One

Sorry to take the romance away for a minute from the mental visual of a wedding but only for a minute.  If you think about it, a wedding is much like planning 8 reunions all at once.    In some families it is more complicated than this but here is a general line up!  

Bride's immediate family
Bride's mother's family
Bride's father's family
Groom's immediate family
Groom's mother's family
Groom's father's family
Bride's "Class Reunion" and Groom's "Class Reunion" (friends from school and work)

Ready for one more?  Like it or not?  All of these divisions seem to find other people to invite!

Here are the caveats!  Everything is boosted to a level of higher expectations and a lot more emotions are involved.  Rightfully so!  Beginning from invitations to the send off at the reception, everything is on a grander scale.  Why wouldn't it be?  When you realize that all of the people who have been most important in your lives or would have your back, even though you've only met them a couple times in your life, are all going to be together for that very special day? 

With families and friends spread out so far, even across the globe, you really want to be able to enjoy your time with your guests and to give them a day to remember.  They are not only celebrating your new life together, but they are more than likely having their hearts warmed by seeing friends and relatives for the first time in years.  Your wedding reception could be the first occasion where the blending of both of your families really begin.  That is why I think that having a Wedding Coordinator is really one of the smartest things and kindest gifts you can give to your guests for your wedding.  You shouldn't be working or worrying on your wedding day!  I actually think that a very nice engagement or shower gift to include as part of your "wedding registry" items is the opportunity for people to contribute to a Wedding Planning Fund and really feeling invested in your wedding.  Imagine the feeling they would have knowing that they helped you to put on the wedding of your dreams or you were able to have elements you wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise. 

Wishing you the greatest of days!

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