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Friday, May 28, 2010

Hidden Wedding Costs!

Sometimes it's easy to not see the forest for the trees. I was at an industry networking event recently and someone asked all of those attending if they had ever seen a wedding start on time. Lo and behold, only another Wedding Coordinator and myself raised our hands. I was surprised at that because I know that this particular group of people had been to literally hundreds of weddings, if not more. I think this goes to show you how just a little bit of extra help on your wedding day can make a difference.

Why would it be important to stay on schedule on your wedding day? Imagine if you will, that you get a late start with your hair and makeup which makes you and your bridal party late in getting dressed. When people feel rushed on top of being caught up in the emotions of the day, crazy things happen all the way from things getting spilled to people falling down. Having to wear a type of shoe you don't normally wear, can contribute to that. When rushed, something is forgotten back at the house causing extra time on the road. If you aren't careful, you will have people running in all directions when you need them together and there for you the most.

I haven't mentioned the hidden monetary costs yet. This is when it gets really scary! If your photographer is waiting for you, you're taking a chance of having them bill you for extra hours because you want them there for your entire reception. You will have to pay them for staying late unless something is agreed to in the contract. Same goes for the DJ and worst yet would be the venue charging you for extra time. In the meantime, your limo driver is patiently waiting to get you to the hotel or wondering if he's going to get you to the airport on time.

Why would a Wedding Coordinator make the difference between things running on time versus running behind schedule? A Wedding Coordinator will create a timeline with built-in cushions of time to make things run smoothly, be in contact with all of your vendors and foresee potential problems among other things. They will also have a bridal "fashion emergency" kit and a number of ways to help when problems arise so that you don't have to interrupt your day with unnecessary decisions. There are ways of dealing with the bridesmaid or aunt who is always running late. Planning in advance of your wedding day can give you more confidence that the key people are right where you need them!

Wishing you the greatest of days!

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