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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

People Who Don't RSVP for a Wedding..or Any Event!

These types of people hold a very special place in my heart.  Not the nicest part.  Definitely not from the bottom of my heart!   

Do they have an idea of the agony they cause for someone planning an event.  Not only does a person planning an event have added stress when they least need it, the RSVP count or lack of is costing them money.  Yes, MONEY!  Guessing on a final guest count is costly.  Nothing pains me more than seeing a couple a week away from their wedding looking like volunteers at a call bank for a fund raising for public television.  "We were wondering if we could count on you for your support?"  Well,  kind of like that!

A tip for those planning an event!  Make sure your last table number is for those who might possibly show up but haven't sent in an RSVP!  It's only fair that they not be served in the same manner as everyone else.  They should be the last ones the DJ calls to the buffet line.  Never should anyone who DID send in an RSVP be scraping the bottom of a chafing dish!  

Enjoy Table #0 for the ______.  Trying not to say "Zero's".

Greatest of Days plans the following types of events south and east of Seattle, WA.  

Social Events:

Bar Mitzvahs
Bat Mitzvahs
Sweet 16
Bon Voyage
Welcome Home
Milestone Birthdays
Celebration of Life Events
Weddings (on a case by case basis)

Business Events:

Employee Appreciation
Client Appreciation      
Product Launches
Grand Openings
Book Signing
Special Promotions

Community Events:
Fundraising Events
Assist in Planning Festivals

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