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Friday, January 6, 2012

It's Leap Year, Ladies!

The Story of Leap Year
I'll try to give you the short version of, I'm guessing, what might be one of the oldest women's rights issues in Ireland back in the 5th century.  Apparently St. Bridget and St. Patrick had a little discussion and she complained about the fact that women had to wait "forever" for men to propose marriage. St. Patrick said, "Okay ladies! Propose on one day, February 29".  Here's the catch!  English law proclaimed that February 29th was just an easy fix to the calendar and had no legal status. Thanks for nothing!  Right?  Well, things move slowly.  Finally around 1288 it is supposed that Scotland passed a law that basically said, "Gentlemen, thou shalt not decline a marriage proposal in leap year, or thou shalt have to pay a fine!"  Big deal!  The fine was anything from a kiss to a pair of gloves or paying for a silk dress. 

According to, 1 of 5 engaged couples in Greece, avoid planning a wedding during a leap year.  We are not in Greece, folks! 

As always, wishing you the greatest of days!
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