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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Handling Guests Who Don't RSVP But They Show Up Anyway!

This will be short and sweet!

First I would say, if you haven't received an RSVP from a guest prior to the week before your event or wedding...don't stress yourself out buy double-checking to see if they are attending.  Your caterer needs to know around this time how many people are going be attending to be able to order and prepare food for your event.

How do you handle those people who are inconsiderate and don't RSVP in any way shape or form....but then show up for your event expecting a seat and to be fed.

Here's my recommendation!  

1.  Set up one more table in the far back corner especially reserved for those who didn't respond with a yea or nay.  Don't bother having a centerpiece for this table!

2.  If you have an emcee, or DJ in the case of a wedding, instruct him or her to release that table last to go through the buffet line.   

3.  If you make it the highest number that is easier to keep track of.  Hmmm....I'm trying really hard not to call it Table #0.

4.   Instruct the people serving anything during the event to serve table last.  Same with the cake and champagne for toasts!

Chances are those unexpected guests won't notice what is happening.  Most importantly, if you take these actions you will make sure that the people who did RSVP will not be the ones scraping the bottom of the chafing dishes.  If anyone has to do that, it should be those who didn't RSVP!  

Wishing you the greatest of days!

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