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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gas Prices and Planning Weddings

I think we would all agree that gas prices are insane when all of the statistics seem to show that the prices should be going down!  Well...even if it is an oil well, it is a deep subject.  At any rate, they have a tremendous effect on the wedding planning process and the type of wedding day that is the result especially for brides who are planning their own weddings as compared to hiring a Wedding Coordinator.  You might think, "What?!  That's crazy! I'm planning my whole wedding online!"

The truth is, you're going to need vendors who you speak with in person and you're going to want to know their personality and how they interact with you as if they were really there on your wedding day.  You don't want your vendors to fall into the category of being close to that of an uninvited guest!  Until weddings just become virtual events with no one ever showing up except to view your wedding on a screen and there is no celebration afterwards, you will have to meet your vendors in person eventually.  Or you should!  I have a theory that I extend as a guideline to brides.  That is, if a photographer makes you feel uneasy and doesn't make you smile while you are just having a consultation with them, you're shouldn't hire them for your wedding!  In all fairness, this goes for ALL of your vendors!  Why?  Communication and interpretation is key to a trouble-free wedding.  Just as much as you want to get to know your vendors, they can only do their best job by really getting to know you!

Wouldn't it be nice if all of your vendors knew your personality, style and budget or could look at your face and within a split second have the perfect idea for your wedding pop in their head!  Those light bulb moments become the ingredient that make you wedding unique!  You're thinking that no one know my personality, style and budget!  Repeat that again!  No one knows my personality, style and budget!  Well, guess what?  That is in a nutshell what a Wedding Coordinator does!  Your Wedding Coordinator gets to know you with the focused intent from the first minute they speak to you.  The whole time he/she is having a conversation with you, the foremost thought in their mind is "who will they want to get to know, like, trust and who will best match their personality, style and budget?"  That's it!  You just can't get all of that without meeting in person.

Back to gas prices.  Yes!  Gas prices.  When you have someone who is doing multiple layers of screening for you and knows countless vendors, as a Wedding Coordinator does, and can pass on discounts or great prices to you that you wouldn't get normally, you win! You have just saved a lot of money and time and stress!  Ask anyone who has hired a Wedding Coordinator..not just a friend or relative, but ask someone who has hired someone who does this for a living!  I would suggest you consult with at least two Wedding Coordinators before you hire one.  More than any vendor, you need to be comfortable with them and just plain like them!  Take into account that they will save you money and the more you use the skills of a Wedding Coordinator, the more you save.  Let them help you!  I know you will be pleasantly surprised!  Best of all, your wedding is more likely to be what you expected it to be on price and quality.

Wishing you the greatest of days!

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