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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wedding Coordinators = Money Saved Planning Your Wedding!

As a Wedding Coordinator, I've found myself so many times saying that I wish I could have been in contact with a bride earlier.  Often this is when I've met a bride who wants me to do a Day-of-Coordination.  She has chosen all if not close to all of her vendors by this point in time.  There's a good chance that I could've gotten some discounts for a bride earlier in the game.  If I had a dollar for all the times that a mother of the bride or a bride herself has said, "If only we had known you sooner"!  I literally feel a grimace come over my face wishing the very same thing.  I hear about their heartaches and nightmares and I genuinely feel for them.

So many times brides will start planning their wedding with all the greatest of intentions and wonderful plans and end up facing roadblocks that a Wedding Coordinator might have been able to steer them from.  That could be just in letting them know that their favorite flower isn't available around the time of their wedding, that a particular venue will not allow decorations that she looked forward to using.  I always think of a venue that they would have enjoyed more for less money.  I love helping a bride and groom create little aspects to their wedding that only they will know about.  It could be a little something added to her bouquet that is a reminder of their first date.  I love it when I hear a bride and groom say in unison, "I really like that idea".  I know that another special moment has been added to their wedding day.  So many times these additional special moments don't cost a dime!

Wishing you the greatest of days!

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