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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Event Planners Can Save You Money and Sometimes the Day!

As an event planner the biggest myth that I try to dispel is that we are only "for the rich people".  In reality, if you want to save money in the process of planning for your wedding, it's a good idea to hire an event planner!  We can get discounts that we in turn pass on to our clients with very few exceptions.  In my case, the only time I might keep some of that discount is when I have less than three months notice to plan a wedding or if the guest list is over 250, depending on the time of the year.  These discounts can range from 5%-20% on average.  When you think of how many vendors it takes for a wedding, that can be a lot of savings!

We save you more than money.  The obvious things that come to mind are time and stress.

Sometimes what you don't know can truly hurt you, if you are not lucky.  One bride that I was hired by later on in the planning process as a one-day coordinator, had chosen a venue that had chairs that were black.  They felt very strongly due to cultural considerations, that they didn't want the color black to be in their wedding.  She had ordered chair covers and sashes to the tune of over $600.  When I did a review of the venue, I knew from looking at the chairs that it would be a rare day that you would find a chair cover to fit those chairs!  If you want to think of an equivalent picture, think about trying on a pair of jeans several sizes smaller than what you fit into now!  The chair covers that had been ordered didn't even go half way down the back of the chair!  The solution ended up being renting wooden chairs that had seat cushions to match one of the wedding colors.  The best part?  They were less expensive than chair covers and sashes, and she was very fortunate that the chair cover vendor returned her money!  If not, imagine that much money going down the drain!  The worst part would've been, in this situation, that the black chairs would not have been covered.  In some cultures the color black is strictly for times of mourning or thought to bring back luck.

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