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Saturday, April 28, 2012

You Might Need a Wedding Planner If:   
You look both ways from your office chair before you begin your online search for wedding vendors.
You’ve started seeing your friends wear the same wedding dresses you wanted to wear last year.
Your fiance' begins to look both ways from his desk before surfing the web for wedding chapels in Las Vegas.
You want to scream when one more person gives you the countdown of months until your wedding.
You have heard from every possible human being you’ve ever known telling you what you should do for your wedding.
You’re secretly thinking that you wouldn’t mind just going to Vegas!
You would like to get married before your new puppy starts getting a gray muzzle.
You don’t like the idea of collecting 5 years’ worth of bridal magazines.
You stopped attending wedding shows a long time ago.
All of your friends have gotten married at every venue available within 25 miles of where you live.
You’ve taken your engagement ring in for cleaning often enough that the jeweler thinks you just chose to not have a wedding band.
You decide you might as well plan weddings for a living as the next best thing to having a wedding.  It’s not the same, believe me!
You want a shoulder to cry on and then get back to your life.
You didn’t notice that your fiance' shaved off his beard two weeks ago.  
You feel like a real estate agent doing a comparative market analysis as you are looking at venues.
You’ve inherited 20 weddings worth of decorations.
You didn’t think that planning a wedding would be like a part time job.
Your vacation time is being spent visiting venues and vendors instead of having a honeymoon in the tropics.  
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